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XtremeDVI-DualLink PCIe XtremeDVI-DL1

XtremeDVI-DualLink PCIe XtremeDVI-DL1
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Dual-Link DVI Capture card for up to 4096 x 4096 video capture resolution Single Channel... mehr
Produktinformationen "XtremeDVI-DualLink PCIe XtremeDVI-DL1"

Dual-Link DVI Capture card for up to 4096 x 4096 video capture resolution

Single Channel PCI Express 4 lane bus with maximum data rate of 650MB/sec, allowing high resolution sources to be displayed at full frame rate
Support for 330MHz pixel clock and a maximum canvas of 4kx4k
HD video capture for all progressive and interlaced DVI/HDMI modes
Captures Quad-HD (2160p) Digital Cinema modes at 24/25/30fps
128MB on board frame buffer
Input equalisation supporting longer input cables
High performance DMA to system memory or direct to graphics memory with scatter gather high quality scaling (7x3 Polyphase filter)
Support for Windows® XP/Vista/Server 2003/Server 2008/Windows® 7 & Linux

chipHardware Overview

Number of inputs: 1x HD or Dual-Link video source
Multi-Card support: Yes
Capture sources: 1x Dual-Link DVI or 1x HD-DVI (HDMI via adapter)
Max resolution: Dual-Link DVI up to 4K x 4K

The XtremeRGB-Ex4, a standalone PCIe x4 plug in card (can be used in x8, x16 slots), delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bus bandwidth. This high industrial performance makes the XtremeRGB series ideal for a wide range of applications. The XtremeDVI-DL1 has one capture channel supporting up to 4K x 4K in Dual-Link mode and for HD 1920x1080 DVI (1920x1200 with reduced blanking). The XtremeDVI-DL1 captures the Analog/DVI data and triple buffers it into onboard storage. This data is then copied using Direct Memory Access (DMA) to the host system for display, storage or streaming. The included application includes option to either transfer video data direct to the graphics card thereby increasing performance or to transfer video data to the graphics card via system memory.
The XtremeDVI-DL1 has integrated DVI equalizers on its inputs to support longer input cable lengths (up to 20m).

CD XtremeRGB Software
The XtremeRGB is supplied with a stand-alone software application, simply connect your external DVI source into the card, run the XtremeRGB application to automatically detect the video source format and display the captured video in a window on your desktop. For multiple inputs the application can be executed multiple times, each capture is displayed in its own independent desktop window. The captured video data is displayed in a desktop window with/without menu/borders, can be resized up/down, overlapped and/or maximized to full screen display.
The EMS application also enables you to configure the timing and format of the input sources as well as brightness, contrast, hue etc ...

filmstrip XtremeRGB Streaming
For streaming applications EMS include WDM drivers, hence any Directshow compatible software can be used such as, Windows Media Encoder/Expression, VLC, Vidblaster, HDwave, Watchout, Adobe Connect etc ...
The XtemeDVI-DL1 is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of multiple DVI/HDMI video sources in real-time.

SDKSoftware Development Kit (SDK) for developers/integrators
The XtremeRGB is supplied with a powerful SDK for own application development, many source code examples are included to help reduce the development time.
Also included are Directshow source code examples.


Board format
PCI Express x4 card, 110mm x 170mm
PCI Express bus master with scatter gather DMA providing a maximum data rate of 650MB/s
Connectors One Dual Link DVI-D connector
Maximum sample rate 330 MHz DVI-D connector
Video capture memory 128 MB, triple buffered
DVI-dual-link Single link and dual link modes auto detected
Input mode detection Automatic detection of inout modes in hardware, enabling the tracking of mode changes in the source signal
Pixel transfer formats
RGB: 5-5-5, 5-6-5 or 8-8-8 (24bit/32bit) pixels
YUV: 4:2:2
MONO: 8bit
Update rate
User defined, captured frame rate will match the source. Providing max data rate (650MB/s) is not exceeded
Multi-buffered to eliminate tearing artifacts
Video format options
Dual-Link DVI
Single-Link DVI
Operating system support Windows®XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008 and Windows® 7
Power requirements
Max current at +3.3V - 0.2A
Max current at +12V - 0.9A
Max power -12W
Operating temperature 0 to 35 deg C/ 32 to 96 deg F
Storage temperature -20 to 70 deg C/ -4 to 158 deg F
Relative humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Warranty 3 years
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