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Vergleich Magewell Pro Capture Series

Items Gen 1 Gen 2
OS Windows Only Both Windows and Linux (NDA is required)
Input interface the same
output interface PCIe1.0 PCIe2.0 (compatible with PCIe1.0)
Input features
auto detect the input signals Limited support (SD signals needs manual settings) support all signal types
auto link the audio input No  Yes>(also support manual setting>)
support Crossbar No Yes
maximum resolutions 1080p 2K*2K (resolutions for films)
Comparison when capturing VGA&component 
support compressed audio input No Yes
support comtomized EDID No Yes
Comparsion when capturing HDMI
support compressed audio input No Yes
support color depth 8bits 8/10/12bits
support different color spaces about 7~8 color spaces 13 color spaces, and more when using SDK
support the extraction of channel data No Yes
support the extraction of time code No Yes (Sony/Canon DSLR time code)
Comparsion when capturing SDI
compatible with more SDI standards 3G-A only 3G-A,3G-B
support different color spaces about 7~8 color spaces 13 color spaces, and more when using SDK; especially 4:4:4 10 bits
Comparison of video processing
two video processing engines No Yes (more processing bandwidth)
Other comparisons
CPU Usage when capturing multi-channel inputs High Low
multiple device on one PC Yes Yes, the rotary switch to identify each card. All the options can by controled by global level, product level and device level.
multi stream output Customization is required, and consum CPU support any number of output streams for one input channel
Driver installatin Iinstallation is reuqired for each card Universal driver, only need to install the driver one time and when new card is installed, the driver will install itself automatically
capture latency 1 frame support AMD DirectGMA,
Support Nvidia GPUDirect,low latency mode and partial notification feature; provide SDK to decrease the lantecy due to application
OSD No Yes
hardware timestamp No Yes 
SDK DiretShow only DirectShow, DirectKS and V4L2, ALSA
Firmware installation Installation is required for different cards Click the firmware upgarde software, automatically search and upgrade for all cards.
Mounting holes No Yes
LED indicator No Yes

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