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Sample Fotos made with UHD80V2 by steven av

here some first sample fotos made by our customer stevens av.

as you can see that the weather conditions are not really good. Usually you're getting pink corners (color vignetting) with other third party lenses, but as you can see, with the new UHD80V2 you don't need any postproduction or white balance or any customized settings in white balance or ProTune of the GoPro.  Check the Images below and you don't see any pink or red corners!

And of course, the lens is absolutely free of distortion, you can use the full performance of the Sensor in wide mode, no need to switch into medium or narrow mode by losing resolution.

It's a really fantastic lens. It's the best lens we ever made for GoPro. You can use it for Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 and the Best, we also now have this lens, the UHD80V2H5 made for GoPro Hero 5 also!




Tags: Hero5, Hero4, GoPro

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