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High-Resolution, High-Contrast images can be acquired over a Wider Area and at Closer Working Distances
The new lens expands the line-up of the four existing 2/3” 12, 16, 25 and 35mm 5MX lenses for 5 megapixel cameras released in 2018-2019
Ricoh Discontinuation of FL-CC5028A-5M02, FL-CC5028A-5M035, FL-YFL5028A-02 and FL-YFL5028A-035
Ricoh released the new 5 Megapixel Lens Series for Machine Vision Systems up to 2/3" Format
New Products: Ricoh NEW 2 MEGAPIXEL LENSES Fix Positions, with locking screws for Iris and Focus
Ricoh manual Zoom Lenses for C- und CS-Mount cameras for image processing systems up to 2/3"
Ricoh 9 MEGAPIXEL Lenses for Machine Vision Systems up to 1" Format

„„Focal Length 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm „„
Pixel Pitch 3.69 μm „„
135 lp/mm from centre to corners of the image
„„Distorsion <1% to minimal 0.1% „„
Even light distribution „„
Locking Screws
„„Ideal for integration in systems with large sensors „„
Compact design, robust and durable
This series of 9 megapixel lenses are developed to be installed in machine vision systems with cameras with sensors up to 1" format. The lenses are not only optimized for high image quality, but also for the use in harsh environments and durable industrial systems.

These RICOH lenses are equipped with locking screws, to prevent unintended movement of focus and iris positions. The lens‘s focusing uses a floating mechanism design, reducing aberrations from an infinite to close working distance. Therefore, the lenses can also be used at distance in intelligent traffic technology.