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USB 3.0 color Industriekamera MER-031-860U3C ImaVision

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USB 3.0 mit Onsemi PYTHON 300 CMOS sensor mit 860fps@640x480, Global-Shutter, Trigger,... mehr
Produktinformationen "USB 3.0 color Industriekamera MER-031-860U3C ImaVision"

USB 3.0 mit Onsemi PYTHON 300 CMOS sensor mit 860fps@640x480, Global-Shutter, Trigger, IO-Anschluß

The MER-031-860U3C camera is a color USB3.0 Vision camera with the Onsemi PYTHON 300 CMOS sensor.
Thanks to the extremely compact (29mm ×29mm ×29mm), robust metal housings and locking screw connectors.
The MERCURY cameras can secure the reliability of cameras deployed in harsh environments. The MER-031-860U3C camera is powered over the USB interface.
The MER-031-860U3C camera has opto-isolated I/Os.
The GPIOs give MER-U3 maximum flexibility to adapt to specific needs.
The camera has an outstanding price/performance ratio. The MERCURY family cameras are especially suitable for machine vision applications such as industrial inspection, medical, scientific research, education, security and so on.


  • Mini USB3.0 interface with 10-bit or 8-bit Mono/Bayer output
  • Programmable AOI, increased frame rate with partial scan
  • Gain and exposure programmable
  • White-balance control (only for color models) Flash sync for firing external lights at precisely the moment when exposure is performed
  • Adjustable URB
  • Software reset function
  • Support color correction (only for color models) and defect pixel correction
  • Storable user sets
  • Robust full metal housing and optional lockable devices
  • Hot plugging available
  • Compatible with GenICam™ and USB3.0 Vision®, can be used in a wide range of 3rd-party software such as HALCON and LabVIEW directly
  • Optimized software package for lower CPU loads in host running 32/64bit Windows
  • Free SDK and examples for various programming tools
  • Regulations: CE, RoHS, GenICam, USB3.0 Vision


Sensor Hersteller Informationen:

The PYTHON 300 is a 1/4 inch VGA CMOS image sensor with a pixel array of 640 by 480 pixels.
The high sensitivity 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm pixels support low noise “pipelined” and “triggered” global shutter readout modes. Furthermore the correlated double sampling (CDS) support in global shutter mode results in reduced noise and increased dynamic range.
The sensor has on-chip programmable gain amplifiers and 10-bit A/D converters. The integration time and gain parameters can be reconfigured without any visible image artifact. Optionally the on-chip automatic exposure control loop (AEC) controls these parameters dynamically. The image’s black level is either calibrated automatically or can be adjusted by adding a user programmable offset.
A high level of programmability using a four wire serial peripheral interface enables the user to read out specific regions of interest. Up to 8 regions can be programmed, achieving even higher frame rates. The image data interface consists of four LVDS lanes, facilitating frame rates up to 815 frames per second in Zero ROT mode. Each channel runs at 720 Mbps. A separate synchronization channel containing payload information is provided to facilitate the image reconstruction at the receiving end.
The PYTHON 300 is packaged in a 48-pin LCC package and is available in monochrome, color, and enhanced NIR versions both with and without protective tape.

Objektivanschluss: C-Mount
Auflösung: 0,3 Megapixel
Sensor-Hersteller: ON Semiconductor
Abmessungen: 29x29x29mm, ohne Adapter und Stecker
Betriebstemperatur: 0°C ~ +45°C
I/O: 1 input / 1 output, 2 GPIOs
Strombedarf: <2.5W @5V
Auflösung (h x v): 640 x 480
Framerate: 860 fps
Geräteanschluss: USB 3.0
Kamara Typ: color
Pixelgröße: 4.8 µm
Sensor: 1/4
Sensortyp: CMOS
Shutter: Global-Shutter
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