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Magewell´s new USB Capture Plus Serie Magewell

USB Capture Plus Family


Capture Everything

USB Capture HDMI Plus


USB Capture SDI Plus


USB Capture DVI Plus


With a HDMI 1.4 interface, USB Capture HDMI Plus can capture signal from PS4, Xbox One, graphics cards, HD cameras (professional/sports/surveillance/video conference) and other devices. Max input resolution and frame rate is 4960 x2160p60 (4:2:0). It automatically down scale the video to 1080p60 for recording and streaming.

USB Capture SDI Plus captures SD /HD /3G-A /3G-B/2K SDI signals from a wide range of devices like HD cameras (professional /surveillance /video conference), video switchers and so on. Max input resolution and frame rate is 2048×1080. It can deliver the captured video to the computer at up to 2048×1080.

The most versatile one is the USB Capture DVI Plus, which captures DVI, VGA, HDMI, component and CVBS. It is definitely an ideal tool if you have classic video/gaming equipment such as a DVD player, PS3, Xbox 360, or if you need to capture from medical imaging equipment with various resolutions. Max input resolution is 2048×2160. It can deliver the captured video to the computer at up to 2048×1080 or 1920×1200.



Interfaces and Typical Solutions


USB Capture HDMI Plus and USB Capture SDI Plus have an input interface as well as a loop through one, which enable monitoring the image while streaming/recording. Different audio input and output functions have also been added to the devices.



The USB capture devices can be used in various industries, for example, game/live events broadcasting and recording, video conferencing, medical imaging, and surveillance. You can use it to capture a video output device or the desktop of the streaming computer.


Pro Capture Inside, Professional Functions


Video Processing by Hardware

The USB Capture Plus Family has video processing functions include up/down conversion, frame rate control, brightness/saturation/contrast/hue adjustment, deinterlacing. The device have powerful FPGAs to process video before transferring data to the computer, causing 0 CPU usage.


USB Capture Utility

A software included with the device to enable advanced functions and more control over the device, such as resolution and frame rate setting, color space conversion, vertical flip and mirror, extraction of HDMI information, EDID, cropping and more. Click here for the software.


Better Audio

The USB Capture Family adopts ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter) technology, which is used in professional USB sound cards.




Yes, I can. Amazing Compatibility




Unbelievable User Experience



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