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This handy device provides an easy and instant approach for converting digital HDMI to digital... mehr
Produktinformationen "HD2DVI"

This handy device provides an easy and instant approach for converting digital HDMI to digital video (DVI-D) and both digital audio (S/PDIF) and analog stereo audio. With this module, HDMI based devices such as Blu-ray Disc players, PS3, DVD players, camcorders, or set-top boxes can readily connect to your PC LCD monitor and PC speakers at lowest cost. This device also enables users to connect full digital video and audio to DVI enabled monitor and S/PDIF equipped audio receiver and amplifier, and make the highest compatibility to your home theater devices.

  • Fully HDCP compliant
  • DVI video up to 165MHz
  • RCA S/PDIF audio input
  • Stereo analog audio output
  • Front panel LED indicators
  • Easy installation



1. Connect your HDMI source device to the HDMI IN port.
2. Connect your DVI display or projector to the DVI-I OUT port.
3. Connect your S/PDIF AV receiver to the S/PDIF RCA port.
4. Connect your PC speaker to the Stereo 3.5mm earphone jack.
5. Power up the HDMI2DVI.

* S/PDIF format is dependent upon the embedded digital audio part in the input HDMI stream. The S/PDIF receiver must be able
to recognize the input S/PDIF format. This HDMI2DVI only separates the digital audio in HDMI stream, and bypasses this decoded audio to the output.


Front Panel

1. S/PDIF: connect to S/PDIF digital stereo audio speaker
2. Stereo: connect to analog stereo audio speaker
3. DVI OUT: connect to digital DVI display


Rear Panel


4. HDMI IN: connect to an HDMI source device
5. STATUS: Status indicator
[Normal operation] − lights up means the HDMI device is connected
[EDID learning mode] − lights off means the start of EDID learning mode; flashes means the learning the EDID from connected display; lights up means the completion of the EDID learning
6. MODE: 8-level rotary switch for audio and EDID settings
0 = Pair 1 of 7.1ch analog audio output 4 = Reserved
1 = Pair 2 of 7.1ch analog audio output 5 = Reserved
2 = Pair 3 of 7.1ch analog audio output 6 = Restore Default EDID
3 = Pair 4 of 7.1ch analog audio output 7 = Learn EDID from connected display
7. POWER: power indicator [light: power on; dim: power off]
8. +5V DC: connect to 5V interlocking power supply unit

Video-Eingang: DVI, HDMI
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