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3Gbps -SDI XI102XE-HD fully supports SD/HD/3G-SDI, and enables to embed 8-channel... mehr
Produktinformationen "XI102XE-HD"


3Gbps -SDI XI102XE-HD-3Gpbs-SDI

XI102XE-HD fully supports SD/HD/3G-SDI, and enables to embed 8-channel audio signals at 48KHz. You can connect it to any devices with SDI interface. Each interface supports SD, HD, or even 3Gb/s SDI speed. SDI interface has been widely applied to radio and television industry. It is digital transmission and supports embedded audio. The transmission is done by a 75-Ohms coaxial cable. The coaxial cable is widely used in cable TV and can be purchased easily. It supports long-distance transmission. It can transmit 100m when it’s at 1080p/60Hz while above 200m when it’s at 1080i/60hz.

XI102XE-HD_HD_InputHD Input

It adopts DVI-I HD input interface, which can support VGA, DVI, HDMI, component, CVBS input signals with video signals at 1080p/60Hz.




Automatic Detection and Process of Input Format

It can automatically judge the format of input signals, and can detect the input signal without manual selection. It can automatically adjust image, detect the effective area and remove the black edges. It has the best capability to detect the resolutions and supports a majority of resolutions without manual settings, which can satisfy user’s personalized requirements of VGA capture.



Integrated Solution for HD Live Recording

XI102XE-HD can simultaneously capture 1 VGA signal and dual SDI signals. So far there is no such integrated capture card for HD live recording in the market. Compared with similar combination, XI102XE-HD can help you effectively lower the cost, improve the system stability and lower the power consumption of system.

XI102XE-HD_various_video_processing_functionsVarious Video Processing Functions

It has various video processing functions. You can clip or scale the image, and adjust the color, such as the contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, Gamma adjustment. It also supports automatic motion-adaptive de-interlacing and vertical flip to ensure the clearness and purity of the image and color.



High Bandwidth Transmission XI102XE-HD_high_bandwidth_transmisson

It adopts PCI-Express x4 interface and does not need to apply bandwidth from the bus, which can provides higher transmission speed and quality. The actual transmission speed can reach 600-800 MB/s which can solve the bandwidth requirements when 1 HD audio and video and dual 3G-SDI are captured simultaneously.


Compatibility with more software

The driver meets Microsoft AVStream standard, and it adopts standard development interface. The video capture interface is based on DirectShow Filter and the audio capture is based on DirectSound interface. The extension interface is based on IKsPropertySet and is compatible with all the stream media software in Windows OS.



Multiple Applications can Capture at the Same Time

It has the function of Simultaneous Streaming. You can use multiple applications to capture one single signal source, and each channel will not lower the frame rate or affect the working efficiency.


Easy Hardware Update XI102XE-HD_easy_hardware_update

It adopts Magewell exclusive video processing engines, and it is highly flexible. You update Magewell processing engines by firmware and driver update without replacing the hardware. It can achieve the result of hardware update even if the chips remain unchanged. It largely reduces the cost of maintenance and succeeds in providing perfect service.


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Specifications XI102XE-HD

Host Interface PCI-Express x4, Half length, 700MB/s transmission bandwidth
Input Interface 1 DVI-I interface (can connect HDMI, VGA, YPbPr)
2 BNC interfaces (connect 2-channel SD/HD/3G-SDI signal)
DVI Video Input 1 1080p/60HZ HD DVI signal
HDMI Video Input 1 1080p/60Hz HD HDMI signal
SDI Video Input Quad SD/HD/3G-SDI video signal at 1080p/60HZ
VGA Video Input 1 VGA signal
YPbPr Video Input 1 YPbPr signal
CVBS Video Input It can switch to 1 SD video signal.
SDI Audio Input Dual SDI embedded Audio
HDMI Audio Input 1 LPCM audio signal
DVI Input Formats It meets DVI 1.0 standard and single connection (480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
HDMI Input Formats It meets HDMI 1.3 standards, and supports 36 bits DeepColor
YPbPr Input Formats 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
VGA Output Formats 640×400-2048×1536 when the pixel rate is below 170MHz
It provdies safe model to VGA signal and can capture irregular resolutions.
CVBS Input Standards PAL/NTSC
HD Output Formats 40×30-2048×1536, frame rate: 1-100 fps
SD Output Formats 176×144-768×576, frame rate: 1-30 fps
Video Sampling Rate CVBS: 54MHz (4x Oversampling)
RGB/component: 170MHz
SDI Maximum Sample Rate:3G
Video Sampling Precision 10 bits
Color Space YUYV, UYVY, I420, RGB 24 Bits, RGB 32 Bits
Video Processing
Switch of Color Space Hardware Color Switch
De-interlacing Vertical filter de-interlacing; motion-adaptive de-interlacing
Image Scale Hardware 5-Tap scale
Image Mirror Horizontal; vertical
Image Clip Yes
Image Adjustment Brightness/contrast/hue adjustment/
saturation adjustment/control of monochrome and color/
Gamma adjustment
seperately adjust the brightness and contrast of R/G/B
OS Support Support the following operating systerms, including x86 and x64:
Windows XP Professional
Windows Server2003
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Software Compatibility Windows Media Encoder
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Real Producer Plus
VideoLAN for Windows
Onboard Memory 256MB DDR2, working rate is 160 Mhz, bit width is 64 bits
Upgrade Firmware can be upgraded.
Installation It can be inserted in PCI-Express x4, x8 or x16 slot, and installed in 4U chassis.
Size 117mm x 94.67mm
Power Consumption <= 8W
Warranty 1-year warranty
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